staying simple at mind and heart

It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.– Ernest Hemingway

I call myself a simple narrator. Making your readers stick on to your article is not easy either. There is a strange relationship that of a reader and a writer. How does a writer tell his story and how will the reader accept and understand it. If the reader connects the same thoughts of a writer, it’s an accomplishment. 

Being a writer isn’t an easy job. It’s daunting sometimes. How do you spend time writing all day someone asks? What do you even write about? The thing is that you never plan it before hand. The thoughts in your mind keep running and you just can’t stick to one piece of story. You create this world of your own when you write. You need to concentrate on your writing.

When am writing this, my mind is day dreaming about other stuffs too. Why not write something about children. These little humans are filed with bundles of ideas and imagination. We write so much on so many things, but which could be the most difficult one to write about? I would say children’s book. To write something that’s funny or even magical takes a lot of your energy. Children are the best critics. We adults may read a book and then move on to another. But kids read the same book over and over. . As you grow and be this adult you sometime lose your silliness in the process of fitting into the society, maybe that’s why when you sit to write something you think a lot.

Being true to yourself and honest, your work will surely be appreciated. It just needs time. Someday this simple narrator will fit in this society of writers.


  1. 😚😚 u are already fit in a writer's society... So beautifully written dear...

  2. u r really a simple narrator... love u...n love ur writing😍😍😘😘