staying simple at mind and heart

“If you resist change, you resist life.”
-Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Change is certain and one cannot escape from it. We do know that sometimes we can hardly do anything about it. The world around us keeps changing and we make alterations to our lives. Transforming doesn’t come easily to everyone. Sometimes these random modifying of our lives affects us both in positive and in a negative way.

Change is needed and it’s a part of our lives and we can’t overlook it. We have seen changes in ourselves from the very start. Since our growing days we have seen change. How we cope with it depends on us.

There are some changes which are unavoidable and wish that change doesn’t happen but there is nothing one can do. Some resort to denial.  Some take in a positive sense and work on it.
How we cope with depends on how we look at it. For some it’s the stress that takers over their thinking process. Accepting the change helps one deal with the stress. Letting go of one’s own baggage helps immensely on the personality of a person. It transforms them and changes their attitude for good.

Some take the path of spirituality, whereas some like to travel. Any journey they choose positively is a step closer to finding inner peace and balance in life and accepting change and embracing it.
Changing your environment also helps. Look for people with same mindset and positive thinking. 

They say forgiving helps one loose the burden they carry on their shoulders. Forgiving someone helps you feel lighter from within and you no longer feel the burden of hate. Changing our mind and focusing on our goals gives you a broader vision to take on life and accept the difference.

Broaden your horizon, explore and improve knowledge. Feel happy about things in life and understand the need for the change. This gives you the capacity to understand and grow. Guiding yourself and others in need helps you analyse your true potential.

The world around us might not be the same. We need to embrace it and move on. Change definitely is inevitable.

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