staying simple at mind and heart

Many have written about it and many have given motivational speeches about Hope. Yet many search for answers on what Hope is all about. Why do we need it? Does it make any difference? What if we are disappointed? Many such questions run through our mind. We do look for the answers, still we feel lost and empty.

Hope is something to look at the future in a positive sense, an opportunity to look at the bright side of your Life. Having negativity might not help one see the possibilities in the future, Just having hope doesn't mean that everything you wish would fall into place immediately.  It takes time and when it does, you can reap the benefits. One needs to have a positive mental stability. It is one of the ways to move forward in your life. Some might call you foolish or naive, but at least you know, it’s neither false nor blind. Don’t give up on hope. Give yourself a chance.

 There are times in your life when you feel motivated and you keep hoping and wishing that you would succeed and this positivity helps you see things in a different angle. It gives a structure to your life. It’s something like being optimistic about the future. You have a better approach to your goals, you are more analytical, more organised, more goal oriented and mostly a lot of positive behavioural changes.

Why do some lose hope in themselves? Is it because it wasn’t realistic? It’s better to have realistic goals. Not fantasize about things that are too hard to achieve. Have a simplistic approach towards life. This way you wouldn’t be disappointed. Don’t carry the burden of negativity; it does no good to you. It only harms the process.

Look for inspirations around you. Keep yourself surrounded by positivity. Get yourself involved into something that you love doing. It can be reading, writing, gardening, painting or anything you are interested in. just keep yourself invested into it. This way you can avoid much of negative vibes in your life.

Have the energy to keep the hope in you burning. When you lose the fire in you, then you tend quit on it. Laughing at the situations will certainly help you relax and release you from your negative space. Keep your bonding with others, make friends, and get involved in communities. Have positive relationship helps, love yourself, love your spirituality, and love the things you love the most, have hope in yourself and stay blessed. 

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