staying simple at mind and heart

We humans have been genetically mutated to evolve into a species that nobody can destroy.  What could be the purpose of humans?  I keep asking myself. 
What is the reason that we evolved and climbed up the ladder of being the number 1 species to survive on this planet?  I have no clue whatsoever. 
When I see animals their main aim is survive and every animal is somewhere or the other linked to one another.  From a bacteria to the elephants all are interconnected.  Their is a food chain to keep balance on the planet.  It's the way the nature works. 
I think our planet would have been better off without humans.  What are we doing on the planet.?  Other than destroying it slowly?  Giving our planet a slow painful death. 
Survival of the fittest has been the driving force of nature. We humans are doing the same,  surviving every single day.  But that's not all we are destroying everything in our path. 
What are we giving our future generations to look upto.  A place full of concrete jungles?  Fruits and vegetables laced with pesticides and insecticides?  Unclean,  unsafe,  unreliable planet.
Our future generations might never look upto us as their role models.  We have done nothing that we must feel proud off.  Just wars,  greed, crime.  Is this the reason we were the chosen one on this planet?
Our earth has enough garbage pilled up and now its in our space with so many artificial satellites around the earth and in the outer space. 
When they are done with the project they are either left on their own  to drift away or given command to crash into another planet.
Our animal kingdom has been adversely affected and displaced because of humans and we are continuing to do so.  Hope humans wake upto this alarm  before it's too late. 

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