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Are our kids getting enough physical exercise these days in the Era of smartphones?  I guess not.  We adults ourselves spend time on these gadgets, and we shouldn't blame when we see our kids do the same.

We mothers are really bothered about how much screen time is good or bad. Having a naughty, cranky or hyperactive kid around all the time isn't a easy task.

Our kids never have the same energy level and it is tough to keep up with their energy. Kids don't like to sit idle, they are one curious bundles.  We parents get tired sometimes and what do we do?  Give them our phones, so that we are not disturbed and we can finish our work.
But by doing this aren't we actually hampering with their eyesight. 

I understand the need for kids to know our technology but that doesn't mean we just neglect the side effects of it.  Some kids won't eat unless they watch something on the phone, when you are outside planning a family time together and you want them to be well behaved you would give them the phone,  so that they don't get cranky or do something that would be humiliating . Is that a good thing?
No. So what can you do about it.

Its better not to sit with your kid with your phone unless you are talking to someone or watching something together with your kid. Basically don't leave the phone with your kid unattended. Have strict rules on how much screen time they will be allowed.

It would be good to keep them occupied into something else like coloring,  drawing,  or even reading stories together.  Remember that kids watch every move of yours. Do, when they see you doing something be it reading,  writing,  drawing or even playing outdoor.  They are inspired and encouraged by it.

Spending time with your kids playing, be it ludo,  snake and ladder or business game or scrabble or badminton or cycling, will definitely help the kids.
If your kid is just an year or less give them picture books. They will be happy to see colorful pictures and give them colors too.  Big crayons and a paper. Kids love scribbling.  Sit with them and enjoy the activity.  The bond between the parent and kid only gets stronger.

We parents are the role model for our kids, they do what we do.  So the more we spend time with them, the less they will spend time on screen.

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