staying simple at mind and heart

Humans.Can't understand these creatures.  A human has "brain"  to talk, make decisions,  and has been gifted by nature, the intelligence to look after. 

But humans chose to hurt others in order to safeguard themselves.

Animals too have brains and they do understand feelings.  They too give birth as we humans do.  They breathe, eat, communicate,  understand, even shit like humans.  Just that they can't do the things we humans can.

It's as simple as it is.  Actually, animals can take care of themselves. We humans can't.  Animals have been in the forest and the moment we started destroying the forest.  Animals had to wander off in search of food and water,  just like humans. 

Yet we want to blame the animals for killing humans who encroach upon their land.  OK so look at this way.  When our land is taken or forcefully occupied what do we do.  Go for a war.  The difference here is animals don't have weapons other than their own paws n trunks n teeth to tear us apart. 

Animals are territorial. If we are taking something from them then at least make some provisions for the animals so that they won't venture out in search of food and water.  We have build dams stopped the natural flow of rivers.  Changed the shape of terrains.  What more can you expect from animals then? 

We need to give them the forest with water and food.  And when you see them on roads crossing just stop and give them space.  They will move. Just stop honking and use of crackers to scare them off. These are just temporary solutions. We have to give animals their right to live in their land. We can't just snatch away and blame them for creating havoc.

Animals will definitely respect if we respect them back else nature will take its course if we don't change.  

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