staying simple at mind and heart

Venus was one of that mom who had to take care of her little one on her own.  She didn't have a nanny or family members to depend on.  Her husbands work required him to be available at any hour of the day. She didn't want to go for a job because she couldn't afford to leave her kid in the hands of a stranger.

Well, you are not alone then. There are many women like Venus. She had her own dreams but she chose to give it a rest.  Because for her present was her child, that's all matters.  She wanted to give her child the support and be there when her child needed her.

Every first-time mother has this possessiveness about her child. They can do anything to protect them and provide them every resource.
It might not be easy for first-time mothers to look after a newborn without facing challenges.  Especially when you don't have anyone to guide you or advice you.

There is so much information on the internet. One can relate to many situations too.
A bit of advice to every first time mother is to not panic and stay as calm as possible. There will be many instances that would arise which might cause you to feel tired and feel frustrated.  Depression is something which one needs to avoid.

One can follow simple things such as
Keep the medical supplies handy, also have your doctor's number in case of emergency.
 Organize your work ( cooking, cleaning, Washing,  etc).
Have your friends and family on speed dial.
Keep a track of your baby's daily schedule. This will help you to plan things in advance.
Keep yourself engaged, read a book with your kid by your side.
Don't let go of your hobby.
Take care of yourself, take rest when your kid is resting.

Many have a different way of addressing the situations. As long as we stay calm and focused, we can overcome a lot of hurdles.

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