staying simple at mind and heart

Why are emotions so complicated? Ask yourself this and you have a meltdown of emotions. Many have said about it. Many have written about it. Yet the answers to these change with every person. Our experience towards a certain emotion is personal. The one going through that can only describe the depth of it. Why does it become so hard to show emotions these days? Is it, the fear of being judged for it? Maybe yes .maybe not.  Whatever be the reason, something has changed in us. We want to stick ourselves out as matured and strong hearted to the world, hence we hide behind smiles.

Being in love or being loved is what we look for. Some are blessed to have a soul that loves them back and some are in search for that soul. Either way we all have the appetite for love or the emotions that are attached to it. The survival of the fittest doesn’t just exist in the animal world. It exists among us humans too. We work, we eat, we sleep, and we wake up to a new day and look to survive it too. But at the time when we are alone by ourselves, that’s the time when these emotions run through our heart and our brain. How do we feel at that moment? Can we capture it? Document it? No, we can only feel it.

Is it true that some switch off their emotions? If that’s true, then the feeling of being cut off from it is also a kind of emotion. We can feel the emotions, the anger, sadness, happiness, dislike and surprised. Can we master them all? There are many do’s and don’ts to it. But mostly having a positive approach helps one control these emotions.    Life has its own way of surprising us and our emotions run deep inside us.  We emote it by being sensitive towards it or just face with a strong willed head. Both ways it’s the emotion that plays the part.

Having a balance of emotions is something we look for everyday. It’s easy said than done. When we are so attached to something in life it becomes very hard to let go no matter how much you wish to close yourself from it. Nothing seems to last forever. Yet the heart keeps this feeling alive where the brain fights to get over it. It’s a turmoil of emotions that starts to build up when this happens. One seems to feel lost and just sinks into the world of unknown.  The time one spends with ones inner sense asking so many unanswered questions. It’s overwhelming. Is the saying true, that one can be complete with oneself? It must be true. After all, at the end of the day it’s just you and only you.
We know that it’s true, everything that we do, we do it for a reason. Do we spend time over it? Guess not. It’s just a phase that just goes by our side. The emotions can be attached to material things too but most of the time it’s always connected to living and breathing “heart”. One can spend an eternity holding on to someone. Life would have moved on, without that someone being a part of it. Does it give it comfort holding to this emotion? For some, it must feel good. Like the time must have stopped. To some this emotion would have become a pain. Yet both these emotions give a comfort to their hearts. Some might wonder why? But only the people going through this can tell. It makes them feel attached to someone, to feel like it mattered, to have something to hold on to.

Our emotions are indeed a complex place. One who tries to understand and take control over it must feel a sense of satisfaction. Yet something feels void. Emotions can never be controlled. Let them free and let it change you from in and out. Call it a new soul but deep inside nothing changes. The only thing that would have changed is our mind and heart. Both intertwined, which once were poles apart in accepting that emotions are a part of it. This energy is vast and pure.  Some would have gone through it, some go through it. Yet each one of their experience is so different. Nobody can judge them for it. One never chooses to take a tough path. One starts to feel things they never wanted to and they become someone they dint want to. It becomes difficult to separate all of this. You just stop waiting for things to change. There are some who find all of this pointless. They just don’t feel it. Some say emotions are underrated while some say it’s overrated. But the point here is, emotions are never rated; they are a part of who you are. It defines you. It brings out the good and bad in us. Helps us deal with it. If we ever were to shut these emotions down, it won’t be an easy road.  One has to deal with every stinging pain that hurts so bad you wish it all stopped.

Emotions are really complicated. There is no easy way out. One has to go through it to really understand and guide someone.

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