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Some ask can a child be depressed. Are there any childhood depressions? Well the answer is yes! Every being has emotions, be it a child or an adult. A child has many kinds of emotions to deal with and it is important to know that children are sensitive. They are at this stage of learning how to deal with these emotions. The environment that they live in, their surroundings, the people they meet, the kind of emotional state that are in, It all affects them mentally. So, one cannot sideline the emotional state of a child by brushing it off as he/she is “sad”.
The symptoms vary from child to child and one cannot conclude that a child is going through a depression.
Sometimes you can notice some changes in their personality, though not drastic changes, whereas, some go unnoticed. A child doesn’t necessarily show these traits, as most of the time it’s masked with being scared to share emotions or feel like they would be judged.
Yet you can notice some changes like, when a child is very moody or shows very little interest in whatever activity he/she is doing. Sometimes this leads to feeling hopeless and have mood swings. They are sad most of the time and they don’t feel that they have the confidence in them. They feel demotivated most of the time.
 Sometimes a child might like being left alone and doesn’t wish to socialise. Changes in the appetite, feeling sleepy or not able to get enough sleep and being anxious about everything.
 It again depends on a child. As a parent, one should always be open to conversations no matter how small the issue is. When you look at it from the child’s perspective, the issue is much bigger. So brushing it off as silly and avoid having a talk will only make a child go back to sulking.
It’s not like a child shows these symptoms all the time.  It comes and goes occasionally. Before it all gets serious, parents need to become the support system and be there for their kids. Be a listener, don’t judge them or tell them they are wrong. Have patience and put forth your opinions across in such a way that they must not feel you are forcing it upon them.
We adults have had the experience and we look at things in a total different way. The experiences we have had might not apply to the kids anymore. So we need to be understandable and motivate our kids to speak their heart and mind out. As we all know the technology has an impact on our children’s mind. So how we deal with it is very important. Most kids have started feeling unsecured due to the social media and the peer pressure which were unknown to us parents when we were teenagers.
We need to make kids aware that social media has its benefits but how well one needs to use; we need to guide them before the social media engulfs them with its virtual perfect life that it portrays.
Depression comes in many shades and it’s not easy to get over it. Having a change in the environment or changes in one’s lifestyle. All can bring a positive change to one’s mind.

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