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Should I Eat This or That!

It’s a dilemma these days when it comes to choice in food. Some tell you to eat and some would say not to. Seriously! Eating was never this difficult or measured in grams before putting in your plate.
Having a healthy food choice is all you need and how much you eat and in what proportions matter. I remember our elders saying; don’t eat till your throat fills up. It simply means eat how much you are hungry and just don’t overeat.

But these days we have so many suggestions and advice when it comes to what’s on our plate. One morning I read an article on paper that says “potatoes are a big no. They are not good” I stopped eating potatoes. The other week a new article emerges saying potatoes are good for you. Now, this is where it’s all confusing. We tend to follow every diet and advice we read or hear. The one thing we don’t do is -listening. Whom do we listen?  “Our body” listen to your body. We are all not the same. So is our body. The metabolism rate differs from body to body. One cannot blindly follow a diet chart what others follow. 

One needs to remember that our eating behavior, our weight and height, is all determined by genetics and environment. Eat what you like but in moderation and exercise regularly to keep your metabolism in check. Unless you are on strict diet by a doctor or have any food allergies. We must enjoy and celebrate food and not abuse it.

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