staying simple at mind and heart

It’s good to know that humans have evolved and are the dominant species on Earth. Conquering every place and even exploring our universe.
Humans have always been curious and have had the hunger to explore and be adventurous in everything they do. Be it the inventions, discoveries. Name it and you have a mind working on it. Flash back to 20 years ago. We humans had visualized many things. Today, at the present you can see those dreams getting shape.
Why are we so unsatisfied? No matter what goals we set, we always set another goal to top the previous. We have set foot on moon. We’re exploring our neighbouring planets, have sent artificial satellites into the space. We have every tracking device on every breathing thing on this planet.
There is nothing that we humans have set an agenda on and not dreamt of fulfilling it. But even after so much of technological advancement and inventions. We still feel we haven’t reached the ultimate destination.
What could it be, you may ask? Well, let’s simply put it as human’s soul. We are born, we live, and we perish. We have scientific explanation to everything. But what happens after life? This puzzles many. Many have vague ideas of what might happen after life, depending on what you do with your life when you have one.
It’s complicated and it has such deep spiritual attachment to it that, one cannot just make some blunt statements regarding it.
We have our holy books to guide us spiritually. And many go into such deep thoughts by taking spiritual road and walk in the same path.
But there is always this question on our back has anyone seen or knows what happens in afterlife. We visit all the holy places, finding answers for these questions. Yet they remain unanswered. You might get an explanation but you are not satisfied.
One can only think about it and admire that some things in nature are out of humans reach. Even the space, our universe, you can go to a certain distance and then all you see is dark space staring right back at you.
There is so much to know and explore. But a human’s life is numbered by days. We may predict future but we haven’t seen it. We don’t know what’s in store for us. All we can do is live on and wait.

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