staying simple at mind and heart

No. You can’t do it”

“It’s not for you. You can never finish it.”

“You are not focused because you are not committed.”

We have constantly been told what we can do and what we can’t achieve. This critic can motivate or demotivate some. In life, we must be prepared to take NO for an answer. The one thing we all don’t understand is the simple meaning of NO. You need not find any hidden answers or an agenda to this simple ‘NO”.

The biggest lesson one can learn is to hear a NO and not take it personally. In life, some people can get over it, while some get devastated by this simple NO. From the time we were kids, we have heard this lot of time, when we are told no to many things we asked for. We must have felt sad at that moment, but after a while we would just let that feeling pass, as we grew older, the simple NO made or broke a person. We have forgotten how to let go and move on.

With the time moving so fast it’s becoming a challenge to keep up in the current race. We have lost the skills to acknowledge or give regards to people. We no longer feel empathetic. We don’t really analyze our own potential. We feel left out or hurt when we face rejections.  Have we humans become so sensitive these days? What can we do to bring a change?

One can definitely meditate, do yoga, and try finding the peace within. Keeping our minds focused helps us and mostly having a commitment towards a desired goal. What is commitment? For some it might mean to promise, they will survive at any cost and not give up or loose hope.

For some it awakens a strong sense to aim and have purpose. They plan out a vision and mission to stay focused to fulfill their desired aim. Be it in relationships, work, personal achievement or sports, everyone has their agendas and goal to commit themselves in opportunities given.

To stick with the process of commitment one needs stay positive and believe in themselves and though it sounds very cliched and easy, it’s not, we doubt our instincts. But we need to stop doubting and believe in our purpose and survive the challenges the life throws at us. One must believe in the faith they have, be it in the form of god or destiny or whatever we wish to call it, it’s always by our side.

Never look back and have second thoughts. The moment one doubts the whole world comes crashing and all the energy we put to focus crumbles under our feet. The world is always harsh, never give up. Be committed to yourself and the one you love. You will find the purpose and the gist to move ahead.

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