staying simple at mind and heart

Someone told me “it must be hard staying at home and just cook, clean and wash. What a sad life. Don’t you ever feel that you need to step out of the house and work?”
Many of us “housewives” must have come across such comments; especially such comments are passed by women. Why have we come to this? Why can’t we just let a woman decide what she thinks is best for her and her family rather judging her for the choices she makes.

Being a stay at home isn't that exciting has it looks. Some chose to be mothers who wish to be there for their family. What’s wrong in that. I know women who are happy doing the household work, they feel satisfied to keep their house clean, their families fed on time. They love cooking, yet they are judged, pitied upon by saying that she just a housewife.

A working woman on the other hand also faces a lot of challenges, to juggle between family and work is daunting. Again she is judged and told that she is selfish, what is the need to work when her husband is earning well.

The society has been always critical when it comes to woman. The society is never satisfied at anything. They find issues and faults in everything when a woman decides with her life. No wonder these criticisms come from women fraternity.

We need to appreciate every individual, be it a man or a woman. They need to decide what's best for them and their family. A woman is already made to compromise a lot from the time she is born. Facing restrictions in every walk of her life's journey, which she has become accustomed to. But at one point when she decides what she wishes to. Let her do it and don't stop her.

We as a society need to respect one's choices and guide them, instead of just asking them to stop dreaming and clip off their wings. Giving birth to a child is a life cycle and you can’t change nature but we can lend a helping hand and work together and support one another.

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