staying simple at mind and heart

Love. This 4 letter word has made life’s dance on its finger.  We fall in love. We break our hearts; we change due to love, god it’s just chaos. Every broken heart becomes a poet, a writer and pours his grief all over the empty pages. The one with his heart still intact with love also becomes a philosopher of love and tries spreading it wherever he can.

It’s ironic you see. When in love, we are the happy souls flying all around like nothing else matters. We see everything around us through the eyes of love. The flowers and teddies play such an important role when in love. I personally don’t like teddies. Am grown up and yes in love but why would I want to be gifted with a teddy? So being a girl with a romantic heart and a fan of mils and boons. I love romantic songs. But that doesn’t mean I like teddies with a heart on it. (Oh, make me sick).

The definition of love is changing. Moreover, it’s fast-paced just like our technology. Gone are the days when you used to write letters or wait for the crush to pass by. You wait all day just to look at her or him. Remember movies where a handsome man would wait for you in front of your house with flowers in his hand and some musicians behind him playing instruments or the man with a guitar in his hands and singing a song for you. And you come out of your balcony to see him confess his love for you, either you would accept and leave him with a broken heart. Women of all ages would go weak on their knees just dreaming about it.

But think about it happening now. Some may like it, some may just go fuming. Some will be put behind bars. For me, love was an innocent journey. But now love has changed. We use it so casually these days. Though we like something, we say we love it! So, the four letter word has lost its true essence.

We show our affection to the things we love. The people in our lives have different roles. We love them for it. But every relation has its own definition of love. So to put love in a bracket is never justifiable. No matter what we say, love has its own place in each one of our lives. It’s up to us how we define it.