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"Maaaaa!  Give me your phone. 😳".  Yelled my kid as soon as she saw me.
"No am not giving you my phone. Go play with your toys." I replied, not trying to reason with her.

"Hmmfff" 😠😠 she walked out with folded arms across her chest.
OK  now, what did I do?  Seriously. When I was a kid I always wanted to be out playing, never ever I wanted to stay at home and look at these teenie weenie kids.
So. Now am a bad mom because I didn't give in to the demand.

Wait.🤔  I guess am not the only one having to deal with such tantrums. There maybe mom's like me, who needs to be on the receiving end.

Getting children off the Mobile is sometimes a war. Actually, if I stop typing this on my mobile and just listen to my daughter right now will she stop taking mobile to play 🙈🙈🙈😂😂...

She is sitting right next to me and asking what am I doing?  I said am working, so why don't you go play, she says "even I have to work, give me your other phone"
Oh great!  Now this is not a great example  to say "like mother like daughter" 😵😩😌😌
There are many ways to divert the kid's attention towards better productive activities than to just get them glued to the phones.

1. It's fine to give them half an hour on mobile. But in order to not get them addicted,  we need to be more careful not to be on mobile ourselves. Also, Making sure to let kids know, we are working and we need the help of our phones.

2.we need to let our kids realize that books are not just limited to an academic year or for assignments. Give them something to color, sketch or draw.
Sit with a book with your kids. For once write on the book than on mobile. It's learning to both the kid and the parent.
Kids are very curious in nature and they copy what parents do. So when they see you reading and writing on a book they are sure to follow the same.

3. Getting parents outdoor seems to be more challenging than to get kids out. Parents are stressed out with all the workload, they just need some time off from kids.  But when you do some outdoor activities with your kids, it not only helps you bind with your child but also helps you to release the stress.

4. Peer pressure always has a major influence on kids. No matter how much effort a parent puts in. Kids seemed to get carried away by what others say to them.
Don't lose your hope on that.
When we parents build a good connection with our children they surely will never get carried away.

5. There are times when other parents tell us that they get everything that their kids ask. Which is good but to overdo it ,is never going to help. Giving into every single demand is never going to help.  So we need to teach our kids the value for money. Try reasoning with them as to why you won't be getting them the toy.
I always follow this. I have seen changes in my kid. When she asks for something that she sees her friends have too. I ask her if she really needs it in the first place. Initially, she says she needs one because all her friends have it. But later, she realizes and tells me, maybe I don't need it. It would be of no use to me.
Ask me if I don't feel proud when she says that. 😊 I am one happy mamma on the block.

Henceforth, no matter what.  Am not letting my daughter stick like glue on mobile.  I would rather be happy to see her play with toys and pretend to be a teacher or doctor or read a book of her choice.
I will try not to be on Mobile myself. 

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